Schools International Talents 2014


AppInProgress wishes a Happy Sunday, 19th October 2014, at the Hunger Run 2014.

Hunger Run 2014 was organized by technical partner Gruppo Sportivo Bancari Romani, in cooperation with Organization for nutrition and agriculture of United Nations (FAO); Caritas Internationalis, the International Fund for the agriculture development (IFAD); The World Food Program (WFP); Bioversity International, and FAO Staff Coop, with support from Roma Capitale, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the UE Delegation in Rome, the United Nations Federal Credit Union (UNFCU), the Italian Federation of Track and Field, Lazio Regional Committee, Students Tourist Center (CTS), Radio RDS, Rome Business School, IB International Baccalaureate, San Benedetto, Frulla, E.P. Events and Schools International Talents.

About 4.000 have joined in, among which trained athletes and regular people with sports shoes and good will.


Schools International Talents, one of the organizers of the Hunger Run 2014, is directed to young people aged 13 to 26, aiming to endorseevery sort of artic talents. Therefore, all Schools in Italy are kindly invited to read the Schools International Talents programme, and to stimulate their students to pursue personal attitudes and talents.

Today, during the 4th edition, Eliana Petruzzelli, host of the event, at Stadio di Caracalla, presented and called on stage some of the participants who joined the programme:

Martina Bruzzese, winner of the contest Schools 2014 in Reggio Calabria (CALABRIA),

Giraudo Elisa from Alassio (LIGURIA),

Aurora Marinello from Licata (SICILIA),

Emanuele Pirone from Latina (LAZIO), with his band,

Gianni Umberto from Torino (PIEMONTE).

  Thanky you Hunger Run 2014, thank you Schools International Talent,thank you Caritas Internationalis !!!  

At the bottom on the left, Chiara Cavarra with one of her best friends, Alfonso Apicella (Caritas Internationalis)

Laura Sheahen - Photographer

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