The cource aims to show the students how to turn a script or a narration into an interactive story, by using a PC and programming elements, to make the story rich in multimedia elements, such as images, sounds and animations. Tools: Pc, Ren’Py, Blender, Sketch Up  


Parte 1: the programmer's tools

Elements of programming.

Parte 2: Who, Where, How and When?

Characters, backgrounds and interactive animation.

Parte 3: This goes first, that goes then

Dividing our story into interacting sequences.

Parte 4: Which way?

Player's choices and their effect on the story.

Parte 5: Everybody on the virtual scene

Let's put our interactive script together.

Parte 6: My first interactive story

Making last adjustments to our project.

Parte 7: Marketing and perspectives

How to move on and show our story to the real world.