Interactive Writing
The course is divided into 10 lessons about creating a work team and designing a symbol to generate a sense of belonging to a group. It analyzes communication methods on the web, how to create a story and how to design characters' profiles, studying and producing a storyboard and how to turn it into images and sounds. Devices used: paper, colours, mobile phones. The course has been developed throughout the following 10 lessons. Read the Ship's log to find more.

1. The work team

Defining roles and the mission of a work team.

2. The logo artwork and the sense of belonging

Creation of the symbol and definition of its meaning.

3. Communicating on the web

What to communicate, how and why.

4. The story

What are the story elements?

5. The character

Definition of a character.

6. Identikit of a character

Creating a story behind each character.

7. The storyboard

Building a storyboard.

8. Images and sounds

Multimedia elements composition. Continue reading the ship's log.