Scrittura Interattiva

Interactive Writing

The course is divided into 10 lessons about creating a work team and designing a symbol to generate a sense of belonging to a group. It analyzes communication methods on the web, how to create a story and how to design characters' profiles, studying and producing a storyboard and how to turn it into images and sounds. Orientamento


The course aims to open a direct channel between students and the work market, by entering in touch with professionals in the field of videogame making: programmers, architects, lawyers, journalists, writers, graphic designers, who will help the students to clear their mind about working in the real world. Programmazione


The course is divided into 7 lessons. It shows how to analyze a narrative and turn it into an interactive story, by means of programming: from the basics to the making of a real videogame. Some well established platforms will be used, such as Code and Codemotion kids