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LEARN – PROGRAM – REALIZE: Keys for digital awareness

AppInProgress, conceived in May 2013 at the School of Psychodrama (Ipod) and in the rooms of the Institute of Ortofonologia (IdO), is located in Porta Futuro (company start-up service) and in the platform Kublai. It gets contact with the Region Lazio thanks to the Tables of Corcertazione, in order to define the actions to put in place, according to the European Guidelines 2014-2020. Takes part in the announcement of Edison, Think4Social and Fuori Classe organized by Region Lazio. The I edition of AppInProgress takes place at the ITIS Giovanni XXIII in Rome, during the academic year 2014/2015.


Transform fantasies produced by passive’ use of technology with a process of active imagination. This project also includes ’ educational and vocational guidance on the figures related to the digital world and online entertainment.


AppInProgress is a set consisting of three courses, each lasting six months, in which students can acquire the skills required to create an app. Through courses on interactive writing, orientation and programming, you will be able to face a real work process: from the development of ideas to the final programming. During the ending award ceremony, the winner team or student will be given the chance to realize their vision.

Interactive Writing

Interactive Writing






Improve coding skills (programming) and socio-relational attitude, improve writing, develop the ability to design and search for informations on the web, promote a wiser management of social platforms, help students to choose their career by putting them in contact with the labor market, and finally, help to best fit in class and school scenarios.


The’ idea emerges from’ observation of groups of adolescents, in both educational and therapeutic context. In every environment emerged passion for videogames, as well as for’ online entertainment.


The project is designed for young teenagers (between 14 and 18 of age), produces cascading benefits to families, labor market, the educational system and the world of associations.


The pilot project was done for 100 the students at the ITIS Giovanni XXIII and took place over the academic year 2014/2015. The website www.appinprogress.it, virtual environment for confrontation, co-creative and collaborative, aims to bring students closer to the institutions, the school and the labor market. Four classes have been involved as pilot groups. Each pilot group is divided in subgroups to work in the classroom and at home. Groups represent a working team with the following roles: leader, writer who takes notes, organizing text, search the web for multimedia content, create comics. The following are provided: Manga design tutorial, an interactive writing class and notions of coding using already established interactive platforms such , as , code.org. More specifically, students will learn what are the processes that lead to the creation of a video-game, how to manage social networks and what are the professions involved in this process: from the game-designer to the lawyer who deals with protecting the ’ author. Every student creates a character who meets those of other group members within a story, that's written and performed by images (History and storyboard).

Results analysis

The winner team is elected by a’ proper committee: faculty, Italian Academy Games, head of the Institute, Director of the bank and BCC officials of the Lazio Region, according to contest rules. The team wins a programming course and makes the game demo using the software Ren’py (digital storytelling). It will, then, published a summary about the most interesting works done by the students, the process of participating in the contest, achievements and the reference bibliography/filmography.


The final product may be sold to an App Store for smartphones’ aiming to encourage and support new editions of the project, creating a cycle of economic sustainability.