AppInProgress: Abstract

AppInProgress is a format for active and aware use of digital media: through a call for ideas on making a smartphone game, it puts each student in connection with a peer group and plays an active and creative role in the creating and making. The children involved will also be able to meet away from the classroom within the website The pilot project was dedicated to students at the ITIS Giovanni XXIII° and was developed during the academic year 2014/2015. The pilot groups, nearly 100 students gathered in teams of 4 or more members, took part in a contest made of gameplay, thinking, orientation and perseverance. The winning team has realized the demo application of the videogame created.


DigitalBio, cultural Association, works to develop a conscious use of digital media and improve the life quality of the individuals and the community. Born around the pilot project AppInProgress was supported by Porta Futuro with a startup tutoring service – Province of Rome. It was formally estabilished in September 2013. Participated in the Creations Announcement by the Sicily Region , It won a place in the final in the competition Kublai Award 2013, a competition organized by the Ministry of Economic Development. DigitalBio has grown together with its main project AppInProgress within the Kublai platform and, thanks also to multidisciplinary support by Porta Futuro, keeps strategic alliances with both and comes into contact with the institutions. It sits at the tables of concertation of Piattaforma Lazio Idee, where AppInProgress was published. It gets, moreover, Legal aid from the Lazio Region for a promotion and information day, organized by DigitalBio at the premises of the port Future - 3 April 2014. On 29 April, wins the announcment by Lazio Region: Star Player. Celebrates the first edition of the project AppInProgress on 8 May 2015 at Porta Futuro. Participates in announcments by Edison and Think 4 Social, in the projet Memory Save by Indire, together with the ITIS Giovanni XXIII, IIS Enzo Ferrari and the Piaget Institute of Roma, on the matter “Safety in School Education”. Sings an intents agreement with the CFP “P.P.Pasolini”of Ostia e attends the meetings promoted by Confindustria at LUISS and International EXPO.