AppInProgress It is a psycho-socio-educational intervention, It proposes an activity dedicated to high schools that part by the interest of the youth for the videogame, to create moments of conception, planning, planning and realization of an idea of the game and that is structured in a course of study and career guidance. This project underlines:
  • The importance of the active use of the virtual environment and its educational value
  • The awareness of the process: from concept to completion
  • The force of cohesion and teamwork
  • The value of educational and vocational.
The main objective is to replace the fantasies passive use of technology with a process of active imagination. Integrate new communication languages to educational models, education and training to support both the work of the teachers learning boys. Designed as a city project, this intervention for its structural simplicity, multidisciplinary, replicability and capacity development can be carried out at regional level, National and Community.